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When New York was in the depths of The COVID19 crisis, our Hispanic Heritage Month honorees were on the frontlines taking care of their communities.

We owe them all a debt of gratitude 

Thank you for all you do for our great city 

La Jornada 99 days report

la jornada throughout the pandemic

What we do


— We Find & Provide

We work with companies and volunteer to find quality food. Later we coordinate all logistics to offer and give this food for our communities.


— We Build Networks

We connect people with the same feeling, worried, and purposes about the people with hungry and necessities in our communities. We have met every day an organize all effort to minimize the effect the hungry and poverty in our country.


— We Strengthen

We need to strengthen our communities avoiding poverty and hungry. We work in these community’ issues to avoid the suffers from this family group.

Contact us

We are in Queens NY
Contact Information and Media

Contact Name: Pedro Rodriguez

Contact Phone Number: (929) 300-7068

Email Address:

Make an Apointment texting the word "food" to 726879 follow the steps : Send the message, chose the pantry, chose date and time